VP – Fraud Surveillance Unit, Fraud Risk Mgt, Operational Risk Mgt


Roles & Responsibilities:

Support the Bank’s Fraud Risk Management [FRM] Program, and provide assistance in the primary roles and responsibilities of the FRM team. The position will report to the Head of Fraud Risk Management.
Deliver, manage and lead the daily operations of the Fraud Surveillance Unit [FSU]. The Manager will lead the Fraud Surveillance Unit and Manage the Operation of the banks Fraud Surveillance System [FSS]. The Key responsibilities of the position are :

Project Delivery

1. Crafting UAT scripts for deployment of the EFSS, and running UAT exercises
2. Partner with key Business and O&T stakeholders to develop alert handling flow process, preliminary investigations criteria and to ensure all concerns are identified, considered and addressed in the development of the program
3. Engage with Business and O&T stakeholders on developing and agreement on SLAs
4. Establish and document FSU policies, procedures [escalations, alert handling, customer contact and interactions with stakeholders etc], internal controls [maker/checker, day-2 reviews etc] and self-assessment protocols
5. Establish Key Performance Indicators for the EFSS system and team
6. Establish and execute communication plans on the progress of the EFSS

Managing Daily Operations

7. Apply Key Performance Indicators for the FSU, including; proper and timely handling of fraud alerts generated by the EFSS, closure of alert cases escalated to the Investigation team etc
8. Establish and coordinate scheduled assessments on the performance of the FSU and management of the FSS parameters and modelling thresholds to optimize alerts [eg – alerts false:positives, loss avoidance]
9. Preparation and management of the FSU Program’s MIS showing multiple perspectives of the performance
10. Benchmark the FSU performance against best-practices and accepted industry standards, and exceed these benchmarks, where possible
11. Liaise with stakeholders and vendors to maintain and continuously improve the FSS System to support the Bank’s Fraud Risk Management [FRM] strategy
12. Conform to the Bank’s performance management policies and procedures.
13. To work as part of a team to investigate and respond to Fraud Incidents detected
14. Enhance market intelligence network by maintaining a working relationship with vendors, industry members and authorities to keep abreast of fraud management developments and trends
15. Undertake a pro-active fraud risk management stance by proposing measures to mitigate fraud risks
16. Assist FSU team members during absences, holidays, and times of high volume, including shift duties, where necessary
17. Recommend and assist in development of infrastructural support for Fraud Risk Management functions

Leading Staff

18. Provide leadership and guidance to FSU staff for professional and personal development, including planning and coordinating needs-based training, defining mentoring strategies, and providing hands-on education; with the objective to develop a highly engaged, high-performance team to deliver against FRM objectives
19. Establish and execute capacity plans for the team, including review of shift schedules, processing turnaround times, adherence to departmental Activity Based Capacity planning etc


Qualifications & Requirements:

University Degree or equivalent preferred
Typically have 5 to 10 years’ experience in practical fraud management or investigations
Experience in operating Fraud Risk engines or SAS program
Experience in law enforcement and/or investigations would be an added advantage
Experience in Banking Fraud investigations is preferred
Have knowledge of the financial services industry products and processes. Demonstrated experience in either consumer and corporate banking, knowledge of private bank is a plus
Strong working knowledge in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and other necessary applications
Excellent written and communication skills with the ability to communicate at all levels
Systematic approach with good organization and planning skills
Independent, resourceful and enthusiastic with a high sense of integrity
Demonstrates successes in working both independently and leading teams
Able to work under intense pressure
Additional language skills are advantageous for this post


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