Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing: Singapore Tourism Board Launches New Marketing Brand in Jakarta

Jakarta. The Singapore Tourism Board, or STB, unveiled its new international marketing brand “Passion Made Possible,” at the Annex building in Central Jakarta on Wednesday (06/09).

The new brand aims to market Singapore internationally for tourism and business purposes, as well as to attract more sophisticated tourists who seek more inspirational value propositions in their travels.

“The new brand captures the spirits of Singapore beyond just tourism. A lot of Indonesians have traveled to our country pretty often but they haven’t explored all of Singapore’s attractions and experienced our cultures,” said Raymond Lim, STB area director for Indonesia.

With the theme of “Passion and Possibilities,” STB wants to establish a deeper and more personal connection between both countries and its Indonesian fans and friends.

“Consumers are increasingly driven by their passion in making their travel decisions. We want to communicate that Singapore can fulfill their passions,” said STB executive director for Southeast Asia, Edward Koh.

In line with Singapore’s aspiration to attract quality tourism, Edward said the new marketing approach will go beyond what tourists can do in Singapore to invite them to think about what they can be there.

“They can pursue their passion as a foodie, an explorer, a collector, an action seeker, a socializer or a culture shaper because the destination will feed their spirit to pursue their aspirations,” Edward said. “With this new brand, people will find many more like-minded people to share their passions.”

In conjunction with the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Singapore, STB also invited two Indonesian mural artists to participate in the campaign.

Bunga Fatia and Karina Deagusta have recently collaborated with a famous professional Singaporean street artist, Ceno2, to create a new mural painting in Kampong Glam.

“Whenever they travel to Singapore, Indonesian tourists will be able to relate to the artwork and find it attractive to take pictures, which will be posted on their social media and hopefully people will see it and come to Kampung Glam,” said Raymond.

“We bring the Passion Made Possible brand to life by differentiating Singapore as a vibrant destination that inspires people to share and deepen their passions,” he added.

Raymond said Indonesia, being the top source market, is among the first across 15 markets in the global roll out the new brand will penetrate over the next three months.

“STB Indonesia will continue to undertake aggressive promotional activities and roll out a marketing plan with focus on four cities [Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Bandung] that leverage the new brand.”

Upcoming Collaborations

To further promote the new brand, STB will hold a contemporary art exhibition, “Rising 50,” on Sept 12-Oct 12 at the World Trade Center Building in South Jakarta.

The one-month exhibition will showcase collaborative artwork from both countries.

Indonesian artists, such as pop-art artist Naufal Abshar, will be featured in the event.

Moreover, STB Indonesia will also collaborate with Pullman Hotel in Central Jakarta to showcase a series of Singapore pop-up bars at UNA, which is located inside the hotel, over the next six months.


Sysadmin ‘trashed old bosses’ Oracle database with ticking logic bomb’

Always ensure the office laptop gets returned


A systems administrator is being sued by his ex-employer, which has accused the IT bod of planting a ticking time-bomb on company’s servers to wipe crucial data.


Nimesh Patel, of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, is alleged to have broken the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, trespassed, and committed conversion – that’s legal jargon for using other people’s property for a crime.


For 14 years, Patel worked at high-performance computing chip biz Allegro MicroSystems as a sysadmin, with particular responsibility for programming the shop’s Oracle financial database system. He resigned on January 8, 2016 but is accused of then trying to sabotage the company.


Over the course of his employment Patel was issued two laptops, which his bosses requested he return. Patel gave back one of the original laptops, and another unissued laptop, after completely wiping the hard drive.


The chip designer alleges the second work laptop was kept so that Patel could still access the company network and because it still contained a file with all the employees’ login data and passwords.


Court documents filed in a Massachusetts district court by Allegro claim that on January 31 that year, Patel trespassed on company property to get within wireless range of the network, and then used the laptop to log into the network using the account of his subordinate staffer. He then uploaded malware into the Oracle financial gear.


The code was designed to activate on the first day of Allegro’s financial year, April 1. The software was designed to delete key financial figures and records from the system.


The software worked as designed, and two weeks into April the accounting department noticed something was wrong. Allegro called in investigators, who found the malicious code on April 25, along with evidence that Patel had used the second laptop to access the network after he had left the job.


The biz claims that the only other employee with the skills to write code for the Oracle database had left before Patel’s departure. It also alleges he logged into the network using the subordinate’s ID before he quit the job.


Allegro claims the meddling cost it over $100,000, and it is seeking to recover these costs from Patel plus its legal bills and any damages the court levies. The lawsuit was filed in August 2016, but is still rumbling on. Late last week, District Judge Timothy S. Hillman was told “discovery is ongoing and on track” and the “parties do not believe [the] case is ripe for mediation.”

Security and Risk Online – Western Union to pay $586 million fine to settle fraud charges


Jan. 19 (UPI) — The largest money service business in the world agreed on Thursday to a half-billion dollar settlement over charges they failed to protect customers from fraud and permitted their agents to illegally launder money for customers.

Western Union will pay a $586 million fine after pleading guilty to charges of willfully failing to run an effective anti-money laundering program and aiding and abetting wire fraud with the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices of the Middle and Eastern districts of Pennsylvania, Central District of California and Southern District of Florida.

“Western Union owes a responsibility to American consumers to guard against fraud, but instead the company looked the other way, and its system facilitated scammers and rip-offs,” FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez said in a press release. “The agreements we are announcing today will ensure Western Union changes the way it conducts its business and provides more than a half billion dollars for refunds to consumers who were harmed by the company’s unlawful behavior.”

Based on a complaint filed Thursday in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, Western Union violated U.S. laws when they processed thousands of transactions for Western Union agents and others as part of multiple national and international fraud schemes.

Among the allegations are criminals who contacted victims in the United States posing as family members, potential employers or people awarding some kind of prize asking for money to be wired to them. The company’s agents were often complicit in the schemes, the FTC said, and sometimes took a cut of the money.

Previous cases have also established that Western Union failed to halt the transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars to human traffickers in China and drug traffickers in other parts of the world, as well as not adhering to laws requiring verification and investigation of daily transfer limits.

The settlement requires Western Union to block money transfers to any person who is the subject of a fraud report, provide clear warnings to consumers about fraud on their paper and electronic forms, refund fraudulently induced money transfers if the company did not follow proper anti-fraud protocol and to increase the availability for how consumers can file fraud complaints.

Western Union will also be monitored by an independent auditor for its adherence to the telemarketing sales rule, which bars companies from processing transfers known to be fraud, or those the company “should know is payment for a telemarketing transaction.”

Western Union said in a press release it has increased compliance consistently during the last five years and has dedicated about 20 percent of its employees to compliance functions, noting the issues it settled Thursday occurred mostly between 2004 and 2012.

“We share the government’s goal of protecting consumers and the integrity of our global money transfer network, and we worked hard to resolve these matters with the government,” Western Union said in the release. “We are committed to enhancing our compliance programs to prevent illicit activity on our network and protect customers who transfer money to friends, family and businesses.”

Tokyo MK Taxi Group Transfer Services: Taxi Fare

TAXI FARE Kanto Transportation Office Permission 2014/3/26

Fare Surcharge & Discount

*Discounts cannot be combined.
**Proof of age (over 65???) for seniors discount required.

  • It isn’t possible to do the use of the disabled person discount and the respect for the old discount.
  • As for the respect for the old discount, the show of the document that the age which the official facilities issues can be confirmed and so on becomes necessary.
  • There is an other time system fare, too.
  • As for the wireless allocation, a car for pick-up fee is taken.
  • ( Origin of the Kanto Land Transport Bureau guide )
  • The maximum allowed limit is 640 yen.
  • As for the wireless allocation, it doesn’t adopt the wireless wait fee but we wait for it at the fare where will be to the time after arrival ( being after the elapse from 5 minutes ) to ( 5 minutes when waiting ).
  • For details on flat fares to and from Narita and Haneda airports

Taxi Rate Calculator

This is a taxi fare simulation created using the Google Maps route search function.

Enter your point of departure, destination, and transit points to calculate the distance, time required, and Tokyo MK Taxi meter fare for your trip.

*Caution: The information displayed (route, distance, time required, and meter fare) is only an estimate, and cannot be guaranteed.

Bacall Conniff and Associates Review: 30 years of exceptional restaurant and hospitality accounting services

Within the financial district of Boston, Massachusetts lies the firm of Bacall Conniff and Associates, which is known as a source of “bean-counter” CPAs. Being very meticulous in performing their job is basically the primary trait of “bean-counter” CPAs. It is described to as an accountant who will give great importance to every minor detail in the inventory and books of a company and doesn’t forget to check each of them.

Aside from the capabilities they achieved over the years, Bacall Conniff and Associates as a professional accounting and consulting company also possesses incomparable skills that showcase their simplicity and ease in performing their jobs. In order to fulfill the needs of their clients, those CPAs are always ready to become extra meticulous in their jobs. Furthermore, bookkeeping and other financial tasks serve as the foundation for a solid and profitable business operation.

The trust and confidence clients put on Bacall Conniff and Associates can be verified by a lot of respected organizations such as the National Society of Accountants, the Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants, the Massachusetts Association of Public Accountants, the National Conference of CPA Practitioners and the National Association of Tax Professionals.

Bacall Conniff achieved their reputation through simple and effective ways. Their aim is to always help their clients attain their individual and corporate financial objectives in a simple yet effective manner. The firm only experiences satisfaction once their clients achieve success. The firm also never fails to keep a close collaboration with their clients and provide excellent professional service that meets their needs.

It is not surprising that all members of their staff cover a broad range of capabilities since the firm requires its employees to devote themselves in an unending pursuit of professional growth through education. It also needs its partners to acquire an advanced degree in business or taxation, and of every staff member to maintain the same standard. Each of them is hard-working and possesses a strong dedication to their job.

Clients who desire a meaningful and productive relationship, as well as potential employees who wish to learn and provide beneficial opportunities for themselves and others, are welcome at Bacall Conniff and Associates to ask for necessary guidance.


Haws Corporation Tempered Water Nevada USA, Singapore: Care and Repair

Here at Haws we are frequently asked if there are any periodic maintenance tips that we can offer for installed products. All Emergency Equipment is required to be activated weekly by ANSI. Purging the standing water out of the lines reduces buildup of stagnate water and helps remove rust from pipes in galvanized units.

In addition, purging helps guarantee that the water supply has not been inadvertently turned off, that there are not any missing or broken parts and most importantly that the units are working properly. Eyewash maintenance is especially important. In most units there is a SP509 inline screen strainer between the eyewash valve and bowl that must be periodically cleaned. The strainer cap must be removed by a 3/8” hex wrench and the screen can then be accessed and cleaned. During the weekly testing it is also crucial to check pathways leading to the unit to make sure there are not any obstructions that would hinder the access and use of the unit.

Drinking Fountains from 2003 to now have a front access 5874 push button valve which has a screen strainer under the cartridge that should be periodically cleaned depending on site conditions. In order to clean the strainer, water must be shut off to the unit and using the spanner wrench that comes with the unit, remove the push button, the inside ring nut and cartridge. The gasket screen should come out with the cartridge and should be cleaned thoroughly.

Water coolers also need periodic cleaning. The fan blows air over the condenser fins, so the condenser should be vacuumed every 6 months to remove lint and dust that builds up (cleaning may be need to occur more often if the unit is in a dirty environment). This is crucial to the proper functioning of the unit, because lint and dirt buildup causes the unit to overheat due to the restricted air flow. This overheating can lead to shortening the life of the unit, and even to damaging the compressor.

For all products it is important to rinse and wipe off the unit regularly to prevent dirt build-up that could potentially hinder the effectiveness of the unit.

International Finance Corporation Provides $150 Million for Central America’s First Integrated Liquefied Natural Gas Facility

In Washington, D.C.:

Vanessa Bauza, IFC

Phone: 202-458-1603


In Panama City:

Khadine Sanhueza, AES

Phone: +507 206-2682


Panama City, Panama – August 2, 2016 — IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, has completed a $150 million financing package for the construction and operation of Central America’s first integrated liquefied natural gas (LNG) to power facility. It will ease the dependence on imported fossil fuels and help mitigate electricity shortages by introducing a clean, cost-effective and reliable new energy source to the region.

The project, AES Colón, consists of a 380 megawatt gas-fired power plant and an onshore LNG import and regasification terminal with an 180,000 cubic meter storage tank.  The facility is expected to displace at least 2,100 gigawatt hours of power currently generated from heavy fuel oil and diesel, thereby avoiding about one million tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. That is roughly equivalent to taking more than 200,000 cars off the road. Once operational, the project will offset about 4 percent of Panama’s carbon dioxide emissions each year.

AES Colón has a total project cost of approximately $1 billion.  Additional capital for the project has been secured through other financial institutions, along with equity investments from the AES Corporation and the Panama-based Motta Group.

“We are honored to have IFC joining us in this transformational project, through which we reaffirm our commitment to Panama and the region,” said Gustavo Pimenta, CFO for AES’s Mexico, Central America and Caribbean Strategic Business Unit. “AES Colón will generate significant benefits to the country and contribute to its sustainable development by diversifying the energy matrix with clean natural gas, while providing an avenue for the transformation of other adjacent industries within the regional economy.”

In addition to its direct benefits, natural gas offers synergies with renewable energy. The LNG facility will provide cleaner and more affordable base load power to complement the inherent variability of wind and solar energy. This will make it possible to integrate more renewable power projects into the grid, while balancing electric system loads and ensuring a continuous supply of electricity.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with IFC on this important project to establish the first LNG plant in Central America,” said Stanley A. Motta, President of Motta Group. “Bringing clean power to Panama is a project we and AES have been working on for some time. We are proud to see it become a reality.”

Panama is projected to be Latin America’s fastest-growing economy over the next five years. However, infrastructure investments, particularly to increase power generation, have lagged. The Panamanian government projects a 5 percent annual increase in the country’s energy demands, which will require significant investments.

“This LNG to power facility is a game-changer for Panama,” said Giancarlo Ortega, IFC Principal Investment Officer. “It leverages an expected growth in natural gas and provides a low-carbon power source for Panama, which has been heavily dependent on seasonal hydropower and vulnerable to fluctuations in oil prices. Introducing LNG as a fuel for electricity will significantly transform the country’s energy matrix, supporting a critical component of its growth strategy.”

Introducing LNG is also expected to have broad impacts beyond the power sector: This integrated facility enables industrial users in shipping, transportation and other sectors to convert from using oil products to natural gas. Located on Panama’s Atlantic coast, the plant will become operational in the first half of 2018. AES expects to generate approximately up to 2,000 direct jobs during construction.

Since 2010, IFC has provided $1.3 billion for Central America’s power sector, including mobilizations from other financial institutions. These projects include, among others, UEP Penonomé II, the largest wind farm in Central America; three solar power plants in Honduras; and the Reventazón hydropower plant, which will bring electricity to half a million homes in Costa Rica. With this LNG to power facility, IFC has supported the financing of over 1.25 GW of new generation capacity in the region in that timeframe.

About IFC

IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused on the private sector in emerging markets. Working with 2,000 businesses worldwide, we use our six decades of experience to create opportunity where it’s needed most. In FY16, our long-term investments in developing countries rose to nearly $19 billion, leveraging our capital, expertise and influence to help the private sector end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity. For more information, visit

About AES Corporation

The AES Corporation (NYSE:AES) is a Fortune 200 global power company. We provide affordable, sustainable energy to 17 countries through our diverse portfolio of distribution businesses as well as thermal and renewable generation facilities. Our workforce of 21,000 people is committed to operational excellence and meeting the world’s changing power needs. Our 2015 revenues were $15 billion and we own and manage $37 billion in total assets. To learn more, please visit Follow AES on Twitter @TheAESCorp.

Since 1999, AES Panama and AES Changuinola, the AES affiliates operating in Panamá, have invested approximately $1,3 billion in assets and currently have 777 MW of installed capacity. With the most recent addition of AES Colón, AES will have an additional 380 MW in its generation portfolio and will continue to help reduce the dependency of the country on oil derivatives.

About Motta Group

The Motta Group is a Panama-based family-owned regional conglomerate that invests in and actively oversees a broad portfolio of companies in aviation, financial services, telecommunications, energy, media, logistics, real estate, and wholesale and retail distribution. The most significant ones are Copa Airlines, the NYSE-listed flagship air carrier of Panama; Banco General and ASSA Compañía de Seguros, Central America’s largest locally-owned bank and insurance company, respectively;  Cable Onda, Panama’s top provider of pay TV and internet; TVN, open television provider; AES Colon, Central America’s first LNG power plant and terminal; Manzanillo International Terminal, one of Latin America’s largest container ports by volume; Motta Internacional, the Colon Free Zone’s oldest company, whose Attenza duty free business is present in more than seven countries in Latin America; and Juegos de Video de Latinoamerica, a joint venture with NYSE-listed GameStop. The Motta Group is headed by Mr. Stanley Motta, a recognized and successful entrepreneur.